Apr-Jun in 3rd Class

Jun 29, 2023

We have had a brilliant Term 3 in 3rd class. The boys have put in a huge amount of work this term and have been rewarded with some brilliant trips. 

In June we got a tour of the Aviva which was enjoyed by all, we went to a music and science day in the National Concert Hall. The boys first senior school tour was to the National Aquatic Centre and bowling. 

We were very lucky to have Jamie in with us for four sessions of Junior Achievement during May where we learned all about the carbon footprint of our food and where it comes from.

The boys had a great time during sports day with Deirdre, one of our SNAs, scoring 100 points in the target practice during Powerball. A great day was had by all with stations including athletics, rugby and cricket with Mr Bodkin. 

This year in 3rd class has been brilliant and the boys have been a pleasure to teach. I wish them all the best in 4th class! 

Ms O’Brien.