School Completion Programme

School Completion Programme (SCP) provides a range of targeted, evidence based, and needs based interventions for children and young people attending the participating schools. In Cabra the SCP clusters 8 DEIS schools. Christ the King BNS is one of the schools that avails of SCP support.

The SCP interventions include individual and group supports and programmes aimed at improving the identified students’ emotional and social competencies, their motivation and engagement for school, learning dispositions and thus overall educational achievement.

In 2021/2022, the SCP staff implement the following:

  • Incredible Years Programme
  • LifeSkills Programme
  • Transfer Programme
  • Seasons for Growth Programme
  • Art Therapy
  • and a range of other needs-based interventions.

SCP Project staff in CTK BNS are Gerry Lee and Clara McShane.

The SCP in Cabra is coordinated by Dr Sylwia Kazmierczak-Murray.