Apr-Jun in 5th Class

Jun 10, 2024

The pupils in Fifth Class were very busy over the past few months. They worked hard in class
and took part in many exciting activities. The boys also visited some famous attractions in
the city centre.

In class, we learned about many interesting things, such as World War One and the horrors
of trench warfare. We also learned about the sinking of the ocean liner The Lusitania off the
coast of Cork and how the war effected Ireland. The boys also learned two new songs in
class called Ho Hey by The Lumineers and Good Riddance by the rock band Greenday. The
class recently started practicing some songs for the Sixth Class graduation mass at the end
of June.

For a recent art lesson, the boys completed some wonderful cave art displays that can now
be seen on the wall outside our classroom.

At the end of May, Gary Gannon TD called to the class to chat to the boys about life as a
politician. They gave Gary some great advice on how to run the country and their views on

The class recently took some exciting trips into the city centre. Firstly, we visited the Dead
Zoo in the Natural History Museum. While there, we were enthralled with the exhibits of
rare species on display and the class learned many interesting facts about the natural world
both past and present. We also attended a guided tour of the Customs House and partook in
an exciting STEM rocket making workshop in TUI Grangegorman.

The boys were involved in an abundance of sports related activities over the past while.
These included weekly Healthy Kids workshops with Lauren, boxing with Paul, swimming
lessons and our recent annual Sports Day.

Finally, the Fifth Class boys celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation at the end of May. It
was a wonderful day and everyone looked splendid in their Confirmation clothes and suits.