Apr-Jun in Junior Infants

Jun 28, 2023

It is hard to believe that our First Year in Big School has come to a close. We have been super busy between our learning and extra fun activities along the way. We went on a Teddy Bear Picnic to Shandon Park, we took part in our first Sports Day and scored a few goals on the Powerball, we went on a trip to Odeon Cinemas and watched Puss in Boots. I think the most fun was going on the top of Dublin Bus.

On Tuesday we are going on our big end of year tour to Fort Lucan – we cannot wait for all the fun. We are looking forward to Senior Infants in September and all the fun that the Summer holidays will bring us after working so hard all year. Your first year in a new school is never easy and we certainly set the bar high for all the years to come. Watch out Christ the King, we are the class to watch!