Jan-Mar in 5th and 6th Class

Mar 24, 2023

It has been another productive and fun-filled term for the senior boys, in 5th and 6th Class. The boys took part in many extracurricular activities such as basketball, athletics, chess competitions and more. Our Senior Football Team has also been hard at work, training each Monday and winning back to back games in incredible fashion! 

The hard work continued in the classroom this term where we explored many interesting and varied topics. In English, we read two novels; Fantastic Mr. Fox and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Our writing genre was recount writing and our chosen text type were graphic novels. Over the weeks, in English, Irish and Art class, the boys created beautiful comics based on topics such as Tom Crean, Super Heroes, Irish Fairs and their own personal stories. In Irish, the boys learned two songs. These songs were Béidh Aonach Amárach agus an Buachaill Uaigneach. The boys had a lot of spraoi learning these tunes and were outstanding in their performances for the other classes. In maths, the focus has been on fractions and decimals and the boys worked incredibly hard in both small groups and independently. 

In other curriculum areas, the boys learned a lot about online safety and cyber-bullying in SPHE. Barnardos came to visit the boys recently and the boys were eager to share all that they knew on the topic. In S.E.S.E. the boys studied Fair Trade and the injustice around sugar production. The classes answered some key questions on the topic, explored online videos of sugar production, sequenced the steps involved in making sugar as well as the supply chain, looked at a variety of sugar injustice scenarios and discussed solutions to these problems. The boys also created awareness posters with the aim of promoting Fair Trade products. In P.E. the classes played many mini-games such as the Penguin Shuffle, Hoop Toss, Balloon Keep Up and Kick Ball. The greatest thrill was always being chosen to keep the balloons at the end of the lesson!

Well done to the boys on all their hard work this term. From us all here in 5th and 6th Class, I would like to wish you all a pleasant Easter break.