Jan-Mar in Le Chéile 2

Mar 30, 2023

The boys in Le Chéile 2 have had a great second term. It has been a chance to work towards everyone’s individual targets and to find ways to fit everything in. Exciting! Everyone is finding it easier to organise their work areas, from tidying correctly to knowing where to find important items. 

Every Friday, we’ve been taking a trip to the playground at Grangegorman, where we have lots of fun to start the day. We’re also doing a run every morning at 9! The class does Chillout time twice a week in the sensory room before hometime and everyone feels really relaxed afterwards. 

We had lots of fun around Saint Patrick’s Day and are really looking forward to the Easter break. The days are brighter and we’ll soon be able to do more outdoor activities. 

In the summer term, we hope to focus more on new group activities in the classroom, challenge each other to produce high-quality work and encourage independence. Our independent work system will be a huge help for organisational and life skills.