Nov/Dec in 1st and 2nd Class

Jan 8, 2023

The boys have done excellent work this term and have been very busy. We learned a lot about the World cup, it’s history, and the teams that were taking part. The boys really tried their best to put together a wonderful Christmas show and it was a great success. We did a lot of music work this term, playing our new Difference Day drums, singing songs, and even writing our own song! We’ve done a lot of work preparing 2nd class for their Communion with trips to the church and visits from Fr. Joe. We’ve also had visits from Graham our school gardener. We grew peas, trees and strawberries with him. The boys really enjoyed PE this term with a combination of GAA with Johnny in Finbarrs and hockey in the hall. I’m so proud of what each of the boys have achieved this term, they worked very hard, did great listening and have gotten so much smarter! Well done boys and Happy Christmas!