Nov/Dec in 5th and 6th Class

Jan 8, 2023

The run up to Christmas has been very busy in the senior end of the school. Between World Cup tournaments in Inspire, archery lessons, visits from Fr. Joe, Reading Buddies with the infant classes, yoga and gardening, 5th and 6th class have been hard at work.

On top of this, the boys have been busy practicing daily, for our Christmas concert. Our harmonies and theatrical performance have really come together and the boys have done themselves so proud.

In other lessons, the boys have been studying persuasive language and writing in English and have written wonderful persuasive letters to Mayan kings linked to our study of the Maya in History. The boys have been engaging with a fantastic programme for well-being in SPHE as well as Christmas mindfulness in the mornings. The boys have really appreciated these activities. In art, the boys made striking nativity scenes out of card, depicting the birth of Jesus as well as Christmas cards for all of their loved ones.

From myself and all the boys, we wish you all a very happy Christmas break.