Nov-Dec in 6th Class

Dec 19, 2023

It has been a super busy lead up to Christmas for the 6th Class boys. The boys have spent lots of time preparing for their Christmas performance, which was a great success and one that the boys really enjoyed.

The boys in 6th Class have been learning all about Narrative writing and have written some fantastic stories. The boys were lucky enough to attend a Creative Writing workshop also.

We have been busy creating some lovely Christmas art and decorating our classroom for the festive season.

The school football team had a very successful challenge match, and the boys are looking forward to kicking off the school football season in the new year.

The boys in 5th and 6th class were very fortunate to have attended a 6-week course at Awesome Walls which they thoroughly enjoyed and learned a new skill.

From all of us in 6th Class, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Christopher wrote the following on Awesome Walls:

We attended Rock Climbing at Awesome Walls for six weeks. It started at 11am and finished at 12pm. We got the bus from the school at 10:30am. We had no experience of rock climbing beforehand and so, we learned a new skill. We began the course with a smaller and straight wall and as the weeks went on, we learned to climb taller and more difficult walls. Some walls were slanted which made it more challenging to climb. As the weeks went on, it got easier and we got braver. It was so fun, we even learned how to belay. We got to meet some new people and we had lots of fun with the instructors. At times, it was hard but it was a challenge that we all enjoyed and learned from. We are very grateful for this opportunity and hopefully we can go to Awesome Walls again.