Sept/Oct in Le Chéile 2

Jan 6, 2023

We have been busy every day in the Le Chéile 2 classroom. We started out with last year’s timetable and kept things familiar so we could settle in. In September, we looked at the topic of Myself and learned about each other’s interests, strengths and dislikes. In October, we have been learning about the topic of Hallowe’en and getting ready for the upcoming mid-term break.

A lot has stayed the same and some things have changed – for instance, we have now got loads of new resources in the playroom, in the sensory room and all around the school grounds! These include huge bean bags, mood eggs, wall toys, giant communication boards, sensory tiles, music areas, a water wall, a stage with benches for watching and relaxing, a revamped basketball court, a climbing wall, painted outdoor games areas, a gross motor/movement zone, an outdoor classroom, lots of planters and a brand new football pitch in the yard.

We have introduced new Table Tasks in the class and will be incorporating them into Independent Work Systems after the mid-term break for all Le Chéile 2 pupils, which should help everyone with organisational skills in a fun, achievable way. I hope everyone has a lovely week off and a great Hallowe’en.