Term 2 Activities in 5th and 6th Class

Mar 24, 2022

The boys have been working hard in the senior end of Christ the King. We have been busy preparing for our Confirmation, learning about the Holy Spirit and it’s importance in our lives. We recently paid a visit to Christ the King Church where we were given a tour by Fr Joe. The boys are really looking forward to their confirmation.

In English, we have been working hard on narrative writing and are currently publishing our own books. Sna cheachtanna Gaeilge, bhíomar ag obair go dian ar dráma bunaithe ar an topaic Bia. The easing of restrictions has allowed a lot more group work which has been utilised frequently in maths lessons, allowing children to work through mathematical problems together, more regularly.

In SESE, we have been learning about the Industrial Revolution in History as well as animals in Science. We took part in many group activities and discovery based learning while exploring these topics. We partook in Science Stations using the theme of animals. Activities at these stations included unique animal mindfulness, LEGO animal group construction, big book of mammals exploration, animal based reading comprehension and examining strange Irish animals using videos.

The topic of the Industrial Revolution was used to link our history and art lessons together. In art,we constructed our own ‘Industrial City’ using cardboard and paint, reimagining our recent past.

In terms of physical activities, we have been really enjoying our athletics sessions with our coach. Since Christmas, topics with our teacher have varied from orienteering, boules to gymnastics.

We are now allowed to integrate more and this has allowed for competitive football matches between 5th and 6th class as well as more active group, interaction and fun activities within the classroom which the boys are really enjoying and is aiding their overall learning experience.